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Cotton String Wound Filter Cartridges

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Cotton String Wound Filter Cartridges

Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier terlengkap untuk menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part water treatment untuk keperluan industri dengan price harga terbaik


The filter cartridges are string-wound depth filter elements.

This filter cartridges can be used in many different types of applications due to the many different combinations of filter materials and inner cores.

Technical Data:

Filter Fineness (nominal): 0.5 -1-3-5-10-25-50-75-100-150 μm

Length: 5" - 40"

Inside Diameter: 28 mm

Outside Diameter: 62 mm

Max. Working Temperature: 1

80°C (Polypropylene)

160°C (Cotton)

400°C (Glass fiber)

Max. Differential Pressure: 2.5 bar / 30°C

String Wound Filter Cartridge Introduction:

String wound filter cartridges resembles the structure of porous outside and dense inside. Using specific technique the fiber yarn is tightly wound on porous core which contributes to good filtration result. It can effectively filter the impurities in the fluid, suspended substances, for instance, rusts, particles etc. Porosity string wound filter cartridge is an up-model products made with current international advanced technology. Advanced winding technique helps to rectify the defects of former products including large resistance and short service life etc. and reduce the utilization cost.

PFI Process Filtration has been a leader in filter media innovation and performance. PFI ‘s ISO9002 approved factory manufactures for wound cartridges, offering superior quality along with technical, engineering and marketing support.

 PFI string wound cartridges covers a wide application area such as Edible Oils, Concentrated Alkalis, Dilute Acids & Alkalis, Mineral Acids, Organic Acids& Solvents, HTF, Oxidizing Agents, Petroleum Oils, Photo Solutions, Potable Liquids, water, Amines, etc



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