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CSM RE4040-BE BWRO Membrane

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CSM RE4040-BE BWRO Membrane

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High productivity RO element with extended area for brackish water


The RE4040-BE commercial RO membrane is widely-used to treat brackish water within 10,000 ppm of concentration. Applications producing drinking water, pharmaceutical water, industrial water, concentration of food and/or medicine and waste water treatment.


Specifications :

·         Permeate flow rate : 2,400 GPD (9.1m3/day)

·         Nominalsalt rejection : 99.7%

·         Effective membrane area : 85ft2 (7.9m2)

·         Feed spacer thickness : 32mil

·         Membrane type : Thin-Film Composite

·         Membrane material : Polyamide(PA)

·         Element configuration : Spiral-Wound, FRP Wrapping



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